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We keep you updated with the latest insights, features, and tailored grants, so you never miss a beat.

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Frequent performance checks ensure you're always in the loop with real-time insights into your progress and be aware of your chances of securing the amount you aimed for.

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There is much more to come, and new features will be added to your app automatically

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Testimonials - Taisiia Shakula | GetGrant

Taisiia Shakula

President of Vluchno Communications

“What an awesome platform!! So easy to find the perfect grant for my business!!!”

Testimonials - Saad Bin Shafiq | GetGrant

Saad Bin Shafiq

Founder AI Synapse

“GetGrant provided me a clear way to secure non-diluted funds for my startup! What might be better?”

Testimonials - Jennifer Gonzalez | GetGrant

Jennifer Gonzalez

Owner of SWITCHcor, Inc

“If you're serious about funding, this platform is your perfect partner. Small businesses need this!”

Testimonials - Mariya Remizova | GetGrant

Mariya Remizova

Senior manager

“Incredibly user-friendly resource for navigating complex world of grants.”

Testimonials - Aleksandr Diamond | GetGrant

Aleksandr Diamond

CEO of Ellis.so

“GetGrant is awesome! It really worked for us and we got over 5000$ in non dilutive capital. Everyone trying to build a startup should take a look at them”

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— Alex

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Frequently asked questions

GetGrant is a cost-effective solution for applying to multiple grants. With a one-time annual fee of $500, you can apply to unlimited grants tailored to your needs throughout the year, saving you the cost of individual grant application fees which can exceed $400 each.

Our annual subscription model ensures mutual benefit and value. It's statistically necessary to apply to over 80% of available grants to secure funding. With grant decisions taking 3-4 months, an annual commitment allows both you and GetGrant to effectively engage with the grant application process.

Currently, we do not offer monthly subscriptions. However, we are excited to announce that an updated version of our platform will be launched soon, which will include the option for monthly subscriptions. Stay tuned for this update!

We are planning to launch two main features soon:
- Expanded access to different types of funding sources.
- Enhanced support during the application process.

We are expanding our platform to include support programs, investments, and loans. This variety ensures that you have multiple options for securing funding, regardless of the amount needed or the speed at which funds are required. This diversity is crucial for tailoring funding solutions to fit various business needs and situations.

For support programs, grants, and investors' money, we will provide a detailed analysis of each question in the application process. Based on this analysis and data from your user profile, we will generate suggested responses. You can use these suggestions as they are, or modify them to better fit your unique circumstances. This service aims to streamline the application process and enhance your chances of securing funding.

Yes, GetGrant offers special discounts for community members of our partners . For access to these exclusive offers, please contact our partners directly or reach out to us at [email protected].

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